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Frequently Asked Questions


OCP's services, although simple to them, often raise a few questions in the minds of their users. Will my employer find out I've accessed counselling? Can my partner use some of my free sessions? We shot a series of videos to answer these queries.


First Class First Aid

We created a campaign for First Class First Aid centred around one of the things that makes them so special compared to their competitors — their people, and the wealth of experience they bring to their teaching.


MyOCP Online Booking System


For years, employee assistance providers in New Zealand had been taking the bulk of their appointments by phone. We worked with OCP to create an industry-first, 3-step online booking system that removes one of the major obstacles people face in reaching out for help.

Welcome to Alexandra


Putting on a demonstration of new and innovative drone technology to the New Zealand Air Force, Army, Police, and Local & National Governments (just to name a few) is a tall order. We produced signage, lanyards, information packs, and put our event management hats on on this important day.


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