Welcome Crystal!

November 2019

Joining the team as an executive assistant to our CEO, Crystal brings great people skills to the team, and advanced knowledge from her study of Applied Science, Specialisation in Health Promotion.

Q&A with Crystal

Describe your job.

My role is as an assistant to Liam, our CEO, where I Iook after essentially administrative duties. Some include things like scheduling and organising tasks, content marketing and planning.

Number one skill you've gained in your studies?

From my current study at ARA, I'd say I've gained a lot of time management and organisational skills! Since gaining and strengthening these skills, I've noticed positive changes in other areas of my life.

What's life like in Christchurch?

I was born in Christchurch and have lived here my whole life so for me, Christchurch is homely. I am always surrounded by supportive family and friends which makes me feel safe and content.

Tell us one thing you think everyone should check out.

I love food, especially Mexican! So for me something I love which I think everyone should experience is a restaurant here in Christchurch called Mexicano's.


Not just because the food is amazing, but also because of the environment and experience.

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