George Taylor: Our Newest Partner

December 2019

With us since almost the very beginning, we're excited to welcome our account executive George as general partner.

Q+A with George

Describe your job.

There are a few different aspects to my role – first, and probably foremost, is sales. This involves researching new potential clients, and organising to catch up to talk about their advertising options. I get excited when I have to the opportunity to form new relationships and plan for the future, so I really enjoy this aspect of the job.

The second aspect  is the delivery side of things. I communicate with clients and organise our suppliers and  in-house teams to make the delivery process as efficient and as stress-free as possible.

What's your go-to source for learning?

For me it definitely depends on what I want to learn. For professional development — I watch a lot YouTube videos on numerous topics, and try and get a few different opinions on the particular topic, so I end up with a ‘hybrid’ approach for what suits me the best.

I’d say the same can be said for personal development – although I prefer to read books for this. I’m currently reading Jordan Peterson’s ‘12 Rules of For Life’ and I have Dale Carnegie’s ‘How to Win Friends and Influence People’ up next.

Favourite on-the-job beverage?

You can’t go past a good cup of tea. English breakfast for sure.

Tell us one thing you think everyone should check out.

I followed @newzealandguide on Instagram a while back, and it has to be one of the most picturesque landscape feeds I’ve seen. It really helps you appreciate what us New Zealanders have in our backyard, and makes you want to get out and explore it. I think it’s incredible.

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