Be Deliberate in Your Design

November 2019

More than ever before, design is playing a huge role in the success of every businesses sales efforts. Customers in all industries are looking for a full experience, and well thought-out design choices are a key ingredient in providing that.

"The father of advertising, David Ogilvy, simplifies a business's success down to the strength of their brand and the quality of their product or service."

Advertising and design have no place with regards to the latter – agencies may push the benefits of a product or service, and advertise them in such ways that create the most demand – however, they can’t affect the quality of the product or service.

In a similar vein, a product or service can hardly, if at all, add to the strength of a brand. Some businesses are dragged along by the quality of their offering – whilst their brand design erodes their public perception. This is a shame – as some businesses have untapped potential, yet fail to act on it.

Where agencies do have tangible impact is with regards to the strength of a business’s brand. An aesthetic, complimentary and well-designed brand can add to the value of a product or service – this is one result of the enhanced user experience. Design also helps to solve a number of problems that a business may face. Commonly – selling their product or service. Put simply, agencies use aesthetics to make someone feel a certain way about something.

How do they do this?

Being deliberate ensures there are minimal, if none at all, unanticipated or unforeseen reactions. This is important as anticipating consumer or client action is one of the most difficult, yet advantageous weapons in a business’s arsenal.

Deliberateness in design:

An essential component in design – and perhaps the essential component – is spacing. A clustered web-page is anxiety inducing. The peripheral vision recognises there are multiple segments to decipher – this is an uncomfortable feeling.

Further, the paradox of choice is heightened when a client or consumer experiences a busy webpage. With each and every possible action that a consumer can make, it is increasingly more likely that they will take none. This is an unwelcomed action, and helped prevented through deliberate spacing. Conversely, spacing can be manipulated in the opposite direction, in order to create a sense of urgency – think ‘50% clearance sale’ plastered over the busy webpage, as designers attempt to create a sense of urgency, and to some extent, anxiety.

Deliberateness in colour:

A common misconception is that colours themselves cause an inherent emotional response from individuals – for example, the colour red is commonly associated with anger. The reality instead, is that the emotional influence is the relationship between two or more colours, and how they make you feel. This is the essence of art, and why it is used to inform emotion. Deliberateness in colour can drastically influence a business’s public perception – through the selection of colour, a decision is made between the seriousness, approachability and compassion. For most businesses, a good balance of the three is desirable.

Unfortunately, design is often an afterthought for some businesses, whatever the reason. It would be great to see more businesses utilising all aspects of business development available to them. This would ultimately create more exposure of great businesses to customers and clients that really value they what have to offer.

by George Taylor

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